Our how to build a pizza oven workshop is in Sainsbury’s Magazine

You can find details on how to build and use your own woodfired pizza oven using cob, by checking out this great article in the Sainsbury’s Magazine. They came on our 1 day build a pizza oven workshop and wrote this great article. We think the photo of our woodfired pizza is the best – we’ll give you the recipe when you come on a course!



Alarming global temperature records set

New records in global temperatures are in the news again today. A positive reaction is to look at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint when building our new homes. A cob house is built using the earth on site – there’s no manufacture or transportation of materials. A cob house reconnects you to nature and offers you an affordable and low impact home that needs very little energy to heat and run. Come and learn more in 2016 on one of our cob house building courses.https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/mar/14/february-breaks-global-temperature-records-by-shocking-amount


Learn to build a cob house on our 4 day workshop

We teach you everything you need to go away and begin your cob house building or cob garden studio or other cob building project. We cover everything from building regulations and planning permission when building with earth, to roofs, walls, windows, foundations and clay and lime plasters. Check out our 4 day workshop pages for more and get in touch to request a booking form today. We have 6 dates to choose from in 2016 but they are filling up quickly.

kate teaching on studio kate teaching cob stairs Kate teaches roofs kate teaches roofs 3 kate teaches roofs 2 kate talks planning permission kate talks designs for cob houses kate talks designs for cob houses 2 Kate spears strawbale kate shows how to cob in glass window pane kate clay plasters strawbales 2 kate clay plasters straw bales


Taking cob garden studio commissions now

Is 2016 the year youcob garden studio by Kate Edwards cob house in the snow, built by Kate Edwards of cobcourses.com earthen floor and cob fireplace by Kate Edwards of cobcourses.com photo of norwich roundhouse inside cob studio designed and built by Kate Edwards of cobcourses.com Overhanging roof on cob studio by Kate Edwards lime render with refelction by Kate Edwards photo of norwich roundhouse drift wood ladder made by Kate Edwards commission you dream garden studio or office? We are currently taking commissions for our entirely bespoke cob studios, designed and built by the award winning cob builder and sculptor Kate Edwards. Cob studios are the ultimate functional work of art for your garden – sustainable, beautiful and unique. Click here to learn more and phone 01493 369952 to discuss your project. Or write to us via our contact us page.


Pizza oven workshops filling up already

We seem to get busier every year which is fantastic news. Bookings are coming in thick and fast for our 1 day pizza oven building workshops which kick off again in March. We show you how to build your own wood fired pizza oven using cob. It’s the most beautiful, authentic, eco and cost effective way of owning your own pizza oven. We give you a delicious wood fired pizza lunch on our courses and show you how to cook in your wood fired oven too. For 2016 dates please click here and contact us for your booking form.

cooked pizza in oven by embers ea homemade woodfired pizzas on our cobcourses.com learn to make a woodfired pizza oven at cobcourses.com


School outdoor learning workshops

As the spring approaches schools are thinking about ideas for learning outdoors. Excited to confirm a week of ‘cobbing’ in 2 schools in Essex and Surrey. The children will build a cob pizza oven, cob sculptures and a wattle daub den; finishing the week making and cooking pizza in their oven. We can’t wait to meet the children and have a blast with them all this summer! Find out more about our school workshops at our schools pages.

Martham pizza oven whole class

See our clay lump barn renovation finished

renovation of clay lump barn by cobcourses.com renovation pic 2 jan 2016 renovation pic 3 jan 2016So Kate just finished renovating a tumble down clay lump barn for a client in South Norfolk.She created a door way, patched up the earth walls with cob, laid a floor and  finished the inside of the walls with a beautiful lime plaster. To find out more about our earth building renovation work on cob houses, rammed earth buildings, clay lump properties and wattle and daub walls please see our renovations page or phone us on 01493 369952.

Hot cob building workshops in 2016

It’s cold and seriously windy today and so as an antidote to the terrible weather here’s a sunny cob photo! This is a group of cobbers who joined us here on a 4 day cob building course in the heat of the May sun! Can you feel the warmth of the sun on their faces?!
Come and join us this May 2016 for a cob course – learn how to build your own affordable cob home and make new friends! To request a booking form for 2016 contact us via the contact page on our website cobcourses.com

cob house building course/ workshop at Kate Edward's home in Norfolk, May 2013.

cob house building course/ workshop at Kate Edward’s home in Norfolk, May 2013.