Channel 5 documentary features cob house plans

We were really excited to see 2 wonderful people who came on our cob building course last year in this hour long documentary about their lives on the Isle of Rum and their plans to build a cob house. Worth a watch. Here’s the link to see it:


Radio 2 Jeremy Vine – Cob Houses

We just got to speak on Jeremy Vine show radio 2, about our cob house and how easy and cheap it is to build your own house from cob. If you want to build your own affordable and eco home too, come on our cob house building workshop and we’ll show you how. Call us on 01493 369952 for a booking form or message us via the contact page.


Earth bags on Kevin McClouds Grand Designs wild.

Fantastic to see more earth building on TV. Kevin McCloud visited a family building with earth bags in Chilie on his new show Grand Designs Wild. Watch it on catch up TV on Channel 4.

Of course we love to see earth building in any form being used, but we still believe cob building is the easiest and greenest method. Come and learn how to build your own earth house on one of our 4 day earth building courses!

Shed of the Year – rammed earth

Great to see a rammed earth shed on Channel 4’s shed of the year last night. If you want to build your own eco earth shed or garden studio, we can show you how on our 4 day earth building workshop. Learn to build your own  cob shed or studio this summer. Call us on 01493 369952 for a booking form or request one via our ‘contact us’ page.

The programme reported that the rammed earth shed was incredibly time consuming to build – it involved wooden formers, sieving the soil and a cement mixer. None of this is required when cob building. Cob building is easier and quicker and allows for more curvaceous and sculptural buildings.

Cob building requires no formers – you literally sculpt your shed, studio or house free hand. And there’s definitely no sieving – we like all the stones of different sizes.

Watch the rammed earth shed at about 40 minutes in at this link


Cob building workshops in schools featured in magazine today

Learn more about our cob/ earth building workshops in schools and read this article in QA Education Magazine.

From Anglo Saxon Longhouses and Celtic Roundhouses to pizza ovens, we build them with children in schools! Call 01493 369952 to find out more.


Escape to the country and build a pizza oven

Escape to the Country BBC2 – today at 3pm we show the home hunters in Norfolk how to build a cob pizza oven. Watch the show at 3pm today for tips on building your own outdoor pizza oven. If you want to learn more come on one of our how to build a pizza oven workshops here at our cob house in Norfolk with Kate and Charlotte. Visit our courses pages to find out more or phone 01493 369952 to book.


Build your eco home office from cob

We’re finding on our cob building workshops that we are getting as many people now interested in building their own garden or home office as actual cob house.

A cob office at home makes complete sense as it’s so cheap to build and so beautiful to work in – warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable, curvaceous, unique, relaxing, and grounding.

For a garden studio or office you usually don’t even need any planning permission. We’ll talk you through all that though on the cob workshop.

Come on our 4 day cob building workshop this summer and learn to build your dream garden studio or home office.

Phone 01493 369952 for a booking form and to find out more.

roundhouse in norwich 2

Sky News report on cob building courses and workshops in Norfolk

What a fantastic morning we had with Edna from Sky News. He came to interview us and cob course participants here at our cob building site in Norfolk. Watch this Sunday when Sky News will feature our cob house and cob building courses every hour from 6am! Perhaps it’ll inspire you to come and learn to build your own cob house too?! We’ve got cob building courses running all summer here at our cob building site in Norfolk. Visit our contact page to ask for more info and a booking form. Thank you Sky News for a great morning of cob house building and filming!

Sky News film Kate Edwards teaching cob house building/ cob building.

Sky News film Kate Edwards teaching cob house building/ cob building.

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