Kate talks pizza ovens Radio 2 tomorrow

Kate will be interviewed tomorrow on Radio 2 all about how to build your own wood fired pizza oven. Catch Kate Edwards talking pizza ovens on BBC Radio 2, Simon Mayo’s Drive Time Show at 5.40pm. And if it whets your appetite for your own wood fired pizza oven, why not book on one of our how to build a pizza oven workshops here in Norfolk, down by the lake. It ‘a great fun and includes a mouth watering pizza lunch. To book and for dates see our pizza oven page. Or phone 07949241815 or email us at sheepie32@hotmail.com

Tandoor article in Asian Image today!

Thank you Asian Image for featuring our how to build your own tandoor workshop today. Here’s the link to the article – it tells lots about our tandoor workshop and there’s lots of photos.


Tandoor Oven Workshops – see images of our tandoor here

So our new tandoor has been sculpted by Kate. Made of earth from the garden, it’s big, it’s beautiful and it gets very hot! This weekend we fired her up for the first time and cooked naan and curries with friends. We just can’t wait to show you how to build a tandoor too and how to cook in one as well. Visit our tandoor oven page to see photos we took over the weekend to get you in the mood for a tandoor oven. To book on one of our workshops please contact us via the website contact page  or phone 01493 369952 for a booking form.

Cooking naan in our tandoor.

Cooking naan in our tandoor.

To see images click on our Facebook logo and check out our tandoor photos.

How to build a tandoor oven workshop dates!

So here are the dates for 2014. 

Sunday 18th May            Sunday 22nd June                    Sunday 10th August 

Learn how to build your own authentic earthen tandoor, learn how to cook in one and devour a mouthwatering curry lunch with naan from an existing tandoor here. 

Next week we’ll be posting all the photos of our new tandoor oven  sculpted by Kate and sharing more details.

This is the first tandoor oven workshop in the UK and we expect courses to fill quickly. To book please contact us to request a booking form. Phone 01493 369952 or email us at sheepie32@hotmail.com or fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Jamie and Jimmy’s Tandoor Oven – How to build your own

Channel 4 tomorrow night Jamie Oliver builds a tandoor oven on his new show . He uses a plant pot and a dustbin. We’ll show you how to build a proper tandoor oven on our new tandoor oven courses this year. We’ll show you how to build a beautiful earthen tandoor for your garden. On the ‘How to build a tandoor oven’ course we will cook homemade naan bread for lunch and eat delicious curry. Visit our Tandoor Oven page for more info or call us on 01493 369952 to book.

Learn more about Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast here http://www.channel4.com/programmes/jamie-and-jimmys-friday-night-feast