Did you know the Anglo-Saxons are alive and well in Norwich?

We’ve just had the most fantastic time building an authentic Anglo-Saxon longhouse with the children at West Earlham Junior School in Norwich. Kate worked with them for a fortnight and finished the build with a reed thatch with turf ridge. If you’d like your school to build their own Anglo-Saxon house too, please call us anytime to ask more on 01493 369952.

Anglo saoxn with door and windows

A review of our pizza oven workshop

Thank you Ali for these kind words you just posted on our Facebook page:

“What an amazing day. Lovely people, great teamwork, the chance to get mucky, the most enthusiastic and passionate teacher ever, fantastic, extraodinarily ‘fast’ food for lunch and Filby the dog. (and I learnt a lot!) Couldn’t have asked for more. Many thanks ladies..”

2015 cob workshop dates – pizza ovens, complete cob building, tandoor workshops

Autumn is nearly here – the grass is dewy in the mornings and the geese are arriving here on the Broad. But don’t let the shorter days get you down – instead give yourself something exciting to look forward to in 2015 – a cob building course.

All our workshop dates for 2015 have now been published. Visit Cob Course Dates now to choose your preferred workshop and when you want to come!

And in the meantime you can start planning your cob projects over the winter!

New pizza oven workshop date – Saturday 11th October

It seems making your own pizza oven is more popular than ever which is fantastic news So we’ve had to add another workshop date to ensure as many of you as possible get a chance to come on a workshop this year. The last date of the year, just added, it Saturday October 11th. Cost £80. Includes delicious pizza lunch from an existing oven.

Call 01493 369952 for a booking form or email us via the contact us page.

How to build a cob house

It really is easy to build a cob house. You don’t need to be a builder to build your own cob house. Our how to build a cob house courses are designed for everyone – you don’t need any building experience.

Our cob building workshops and courses will take you through everything – the cob building theory you need and practical hands on experience.

We will teach you about cob house building regulations and planning. About cob house foundations and stem walls. About cob house walls. About fitting windows and doors in your cob house. About building several storeys in your cob house. About how to build your roof for your cob house. We will show you how to lim render your cob house, how to clay plaster inside your cob house. We really will give you all the skills and knowledge you will need to build your own cob house.

For more information and a cob workshop booking form please contact us or phone 01493 369952.

How to build a cob house workshops are run by www.cobcourses.com This is Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve's cob house home they built themselves and you learn from on the cob building workshops.

How to build a cob house workshops are run by www.cobcourses.com This is Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve’s cob house home they built themselves and you learn from on the cob building workshops.

How to build a pizza oven

It’s easy. We’ll show you how on our pizza oven workshops but here’s a summary of what you do. The workshop will ensure you get the right cob mix and we’ll show you how to cook in an oven too.

1. Build a base – the pizza oven needs to be off the ground to protect it from water and for it to be at an accessible height for you to use it. Build your pizza oven base from wood, stone or brick.

2. Dig a hole and get a load of sub-soil out. If you have sandy sub soil then perfect. This is 75% of what will make your cob. If you have clay, that’s great but you’ll need to buy some sandy aggregate from your builders’ merchant.

3. Get a tarps, throw on your sand, clay and a bit of water and do the cob dance. We’ll so this on the how to build a pizza oven workshop and show you how to get the perfect mix and consistency.

4. Make another 2 mixes of cob, this time with straw in.

5. Bed your firebricks onto your base with sand. Then build sand former with sharp sand.

6. Sculpt the 2 layers of your pizza oven with your cob.

7. Cut out your door.

8. Pull out the sand from your pizza oven.

9. Leave your pizza oven to dry naturally or fire up to dry quickly (this can cause cracking though but these cracks in your pizza oven can be fixed with a bit of cob).

10. Make your pizzas. See our pizza recipe for inspiration.

11. Eat the best tasting wood fired pizza from your own pizza oven in your own garden you have ever experienced.

To book on a ‘how to build a pizza oven workshop’ with us, please contact us for a booking form or call 01493 369952.

Build a pizza oven in a day

It is seriously easy to build your own pizza oven. Come on one of our pizza oven workshops and we’ll show you how to go home and make your own pizza oven using the earth beneath your feet. And if you don’t want to go digging holes in your garden we’ll tell you how and where to buy the materials you need. It’s basically sandy aggregate, clay and some straw. And a few fire bricks. And a bit of wood for your oven door. If you use your own sub-soil, use some old storage heater bricks and an old chunk of wood hanging around in your shed, you could make your oven for £0. Yes zero pounds! That’s a bit cheaper than the brick pizza ovens you can buy from Jamie Oliver and other retailers for several thousand pounds!

To learn to make your authentic, beautiful pizza oven contact us for a pizza oven course booking form.