Heritage Lottery Grant awarded for Anglo Saxon house build

We are really excited to be starting work with St Mary’s C of E Primary School in Thorncombe, Somerset this week. We are building with all the children a large Anglo Saxon house with timber frame, watle and daub walls and thatched roof. It has been made possible thanks to a donation to the school and a Heritage Lottery Grant. If your school would like to chat about doing a similar project in your school please call us to discuss any time on 01297 444275 or email Charlotte at charlotteevemusic@hotmail.co.uk


Watch our pizza oven workshop here!

A local television company filmed our pizza oven workshop a while ago and we just stumbled across it again on youtube. It shows you how to source the materials for cob, how to make cob, how to build and sculpt your pizza oven, how to cook in the pizza oven you build and finally how to eat the pizza!

Watch here now!

Heritage Schools offer help with exciting history projects in schools

If you are a school thinking of ways to teach the Anglo Saxons or Iron Age in a creative and hands on way, we can help! We can work with your pupils to facilitate them to build their very own Anglo Saxon house or other historical building using the traditional building methods of wattle and daub and thatch.

We can help you with bids for grants and introduce you to other heritage learning providers. Heritage Schools are a great place to start – they offer you CPD, support with planning, and resources. It’s definitely worth becoming a Heritage School.

Call us on 01297 444275 or email Charlotte Eve our Education Director directly at charlotteevemusic@hotmail.co.uk to ask about an exciting building project with your school.

Devon couple allergic to modern life build mud hut – Radio 2 today on Jeremy Vine Show

A classic example of the media making a drama out of mud building! Do they not realise we have been building with cob or mud for thousands or years and we still do!

This article about Kate and Alan Burrows looks at the most rustic of mud building! You can in fact build modern, ultra comfortable houses from mud and still spend very little. They are healthy, breathable, sustainable, and beautiful. Come on one of our 4 day cob building courses and we’ll show you how to build your own mud house!







Build your own garden studio

It is so easy and affordable to build your own beautiful garden studio if you decide to build it out of cob.

Cob will allow you to create a garden studio, home office or shed with glorious curves, nooks and crannies and without breaking the bank. You will sculpt the walls with the soil you dig from your foundation trench so they will cost you absolutely nothing.

After 4 days on our cob building course you will leave with all the skills to go home and start to build your own garden room straight away. Anyone can do it – no previous building experience is necessary. We’ll teach you how to build the walls (the best bit!), how to put the roof on (lots of options here) and how easy it is to put windows and doors into the cob walls. And we’ll give you some seriously delicious lunches during the course too to keep your strength up too!

Book on one of our 4 day cob building courses in 2017 and we will empower you to build your own work of art / functioning garden studio for your home. Get in touch for a booking form today!