Building the Edwards Cob-Bale Home

The BBC came and filmed course participants on one of our cob courses here – it shows you how we went about building the Edwards mud home!

In 2007 Kate purchased White Cottage, a 400 year old clay-lump and wattle and daub thatched cottage on the Norfolk Broads. It was her dream home as it was made of earth and its idyllic setting also made it the perfect place to run our eco building workshops. The cottage was beautiful but it was very small, so the plan was to double its size with a cob and straw-bale hybrid 2 storey extension.

The new part of the cottage was the first cob and straw-bale new build of its kind to go through building regulations in the UK, to our knowledge. On all our cob building courses we give you a tour of the house so you can see what really is possible with cob.

The house was finished just in time for Christmas 2011 – it was a momentous moment. A great deal of blood, sweat, tears and laughter had gone into building our dream home. And hundreds of cob course participants had also played their vital part too. It is now a prototype for others and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to other self-builders who want to build their own affordable  home with the earth. Below are some photos of the build. Thank you so much to everyone who has played a part in this build.

sitting room from piano end little ceiling cob shed of the year soty looking out nice one sml file siz inside cob studio soty view of broad with corner of shed in it to show setting the cob house and studio built by Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve suuny outside white cottage arched window White cottage back door in kitchen White cottage bathroom white cottage bedroom 1 white cottage entrance porch with stained glass roof White cottage external the one White cottage fireplace white cottage forzen lake white cottage kates cob studio White cottage kitchen 1 white cottage kitchen cooker white cottage kitchen the one white cottage piano white cottage sedum porch white cottage sofas towards stairs white cottage sunrise over water white cottage view from bedroom white cottage view from piano white cottage window sill