Clay lump builders

We’re specialist builders at repairing clay lump and earth walls of houses and barns. We also do lime renders, and lime and clay plastering.

We have now relocated to the Devon/ Dorset area and are now able to offer repairs in the South West, but we still visit East Anglia regularly to carry out work and offer advice. We also have an experienced team still based in Norfolk who work for us. So please still get in touch if you need repairs on your clay-lump property.  Wherever your property is in the UK we may be able to offer a consultation on your property and we have even offered repairs and builds abroad, so do get in touch for advice on your property. 

Clay lump houses and barns and these buildings require a very different treatment from modern conventional buildings. We can ensure your earth walls are repaired and finished using the original materials and techniques.

Clay lump walls need to be fished with breathable lime plasters and lime render – it is essential that a clay lump wall is allowed to breath so any moisture can escape. We specialise in lime plastering and lime rendering clay lump properties in Norfolk and Suffolk. We also remove cement renders and replace them with lime renders.

In addition we also repair structural problems in clay lump walls. Kate Edwards and her team specialise in assessing your clay lump barn or house and repairing it structually before finishing your earth walls with the correct plaster and renders.

Experienced earth builders:

Kate Edwards is a specialist earth builder and teaches construction professionals and the general public from around the world how to work with earth. She has over 10 years experience repairing historical earth buildings and building new earth builds.

Get in touch:

For a site visit, discussion, advice or quote please call Kate Edwards today on 01493 369952 or message us using the contact form.

Case studies:

This is clay lump barn we repaired for the Landmark Trust in South Norfolk. We had to completely rebuild the gable end and make good the rest of the barns:

barn gable end being repaired

























This is a clay lump barn in South Norfolk we repaired and renovated to create a drama teaching space. The earth walls needs repairing, then the walls needed lime plastering. We also laid a floor, made good the stem wall and created a door way through the two barns.

renovation pic 3 jan 2016 renovation pic 2 jan 2016 renovation of clay lump barn by















Removing lime render and repairing the clay lump and wattle and daub walls of an historical earth building in East Anglia:

white cottage without render 011 white cottage without render 019