Kate thatches her cob house

The Edwards cob-bale home was built entirely by Kate Edwards and participants on eco building courses at White Cottage. Kate even thatched her sustainable cob and straw bale house herself. She did a 6 week apprenticeship on a BBC2 documentary ‘Mastercrafts’ presented by Monty Don. She was taught to thatch with long-straw on an 800 year old cob house in Oxfordshire. However, she then adapted to thatch our home with local Norfolk reed. We sourced the reed and sedge from the marshland around the cob house. So not only were the walls made of mud from the garden, the roof was made from local materials too – helping make our cob house one of the most sustainable builds possible. Kate will talk you through how she did the thatch when you come on our cob courses. These photos were taken by the wonderful photographer Andrew Perkins.