Build your own garden studio

It is so easy and affordable to build your own beautiful garden studio if you decide to build it out of cob.

Cob will allow you to create a garden studio, home office or shed with glorious curves, nooks and crannies and without breaking the bank. You will sculpt the walls with the soil you dig from your foundation trench so they will cost you absolutely nothing.

After 4 days on our cob building course you will leave with all the skills to go home and start to build your own garden room straight away. Anyone can do it – no previous building experience is necessary. We’ll teach you how to build the walls (the best bit!), how to put the roof on (lots of options here) and how easy it is to put windows and doors into the cob walls. And we’ll give you some seriously delicious lunches during the course too to keep your strength up too!

Book on one of our 4 day cob building courses in 2017 and we will empower you to build your own work of art / functioning garden studio for your home. Get in touch for a booking form today!

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