Build a pizza oven in a day

It is seriously easy to build your own pizza oven. Come on one of our pizza oven workshops and we’ll show you how to go home and make your own pizza oven using the earth beneath your feet. And if you don’t want to go digging holes in your garden we’ll tell you how and where to buy the materials you need. It’s basically sandy aggregate, clay and some straw. And a few fire bricks. And a bit of wood for your oven door. If you use your own sub-soil, use some old storage heater bricks and an old chunk of wood hanging around in your shed, you could make your oven for £0. Yes zero pounds! That’s a bit cheaper than the brick pizza ovens you can buy from Jamie Oliver and other retailers for several thousand pounds!

To learn to make your authentic, beautiful pizza oven contact us for a pizza oven course booking form.

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