How to build a pizza oven

It’s easy. We’ll show you how on our pizza oven workshops but here’s a summary of what you do. The workshop will ensure you get the right cob mix and we’ll show you how to cook in an oven too.

1. Build a base – the pizza oven needs to be off the ground to protect it from water and for it to be at an accessible height for you to use it. Build your pizza oven base from wood, stone or brick.

2. Dig a hole and get a load of sub-soil out. If you have sandy sub soil then perfect. This is 75% of what will make your cob. If you have clay, that’s great but you’ll need to buy some sandy aggregate from your builders’ merchant.

3. Get a tarps, throw on your sand, clay and a bit of water and do the cob dance. We’ll so this on the how to build a pizza oven workshop and show you how to get the perfect mix and consistency.

4. Make another 2 mixes of cob, this time with straw in.

5. Bed your firebricks onto your base with sand. Then build sand former with sharp sand.

6. Sculpt the 2 layers of your pizza oven with your cob.

7. Cut out your door.

8. Pull out the sand from your pizza oven.

9. Leave your pizza oven to dry naturally or fire up to dry quickly (this can cause cracking though but these cracks in your pizza oven can be fixed with a bit of cob).

10. Make your pizzas. See our pizza recipe for inspiration.

11. Eat the best tasting wood fired pizza from your own pizza oven in your own garden you have ever experienced.

To book on a ‘how to build a pizza oven workshop’ with us, please contact us for a booking form or call 01493 369952.

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