Cob course for umemployed in Dorset big success

Our cob course for the unemployed in Dorset was such a success it has been chosen as a case study by the grant awarding body. The ESFA Community Training Grant gave us the opportunity to work with 12 people from all walks of life who were interested in learning to build with cob and repair old earth buildings. The one thing everyone had in common was that they were unemployed. We all had a brilliant 4 days and we are still in touch many most of the participants who have all gone on to great things – setting up their own businesses, doing more training and education and volunteering. It was a great boost for everyone involved.

And  the great news is……we doing it again in Spring 2021. We will be recruiting new participants in December this year. So please get in touch if you think you might be interested! Phone 01297 444275 or use the contact us form on the website.

Anyway, here’s the Case Study in case you’re interested. Click here.

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