Meet your tutor!

Kate Edwards

Kate originally studied sculpture at Camberwell College of Art. After her art degree Kate ran her own interior design company and then went on to work with homeless charities in London. She then went on the qualify as an Art Psychotherapist at Goldsmiths, London and worked as an Art Psychotherapist for 20 years.

After many years working as an Art Psychotherapist Kate was looking for a new challenge when she discovered a cob building course in Ireland. She attended the 3 week course and then continued to learn and work in cob, initially building beautiful cob and straw-bale art studios for clients. She then built her own award winning co-bale  home in Norfolk and began running her earth building courses. To date Kate has taught thousands of people from around the world how to build with earth.

Kate Edwards is an award winning cob builder and tutor