Team Building

Build an earthen pizza oven team building workshop

If you’re looking for a new, exciting and ‘eco’ team building day for your team or company, you’ve come to the right place. Our workshops are hands-on, encourage team work, creativity, problem solving, and are linked closely with highly topical issues of sustainability.
Everyone will leave this engaging and exciting day with the skills to build their own earthen pizza oven, and a better understanding of themselves and their interaction with the environment and their co-workers/colleagues. We’ll also feed you with a mouth watering wood fired pizza lunch from our existing outdoor cob oven.

Beautiful location to relax and inspire

Most team building days take place by the Jurassic Coast on the Devon/ Dorset border. The glorious lcoation allows participants to enjoy a new experience, in surroundings far removed from their usual office or work environment.
As teams learn and work together, they enjoy views over the Devon countryside, within walking distance of the beach. It is an incredibly relaxing place to be, and adds to the overall learning experience. We’re only a couple of hours from London, and our very near by train station in Axminster has regular trains to London Waterloo.

Learning Objectives

Every group that joins us on a team building day will have different objectives and learning goals. We will discuss these with you beforehand and ensure the day meets all your expectations.
Your objectives may simply be for your group to enjoy a great day out whilst learning a new skill and eating pizza! Alternatively you may have more specific objectives related to for example – team work, creativity, problem solving, confidence building etc.
All our courses are flexible and are tailored to your requirements.

A typical course might include…
The day will start with introductions whilst sat on the straw bales under the outdoor classroom, enjoying a hot tea or coffee with views of the lake. The learning objectives for the day are shared.
A brief background on earth building and other traditional building methods is given. Issues surrounding sustainable development are also looked at. We will also give you a tour of our cob-bale home to show you what is possible on a big scale with cob.
Next you are shown how to source sand and clay from the earth. In pairs you mix the materials to form ‘cob’ – this is done by dancing on mud and straw on tarps. Participants are shown how to test if they have the correct mix.
A delicious lunch of homemade pizzas in enjoyed – pizzas are cooked in another earthen oven already built on site.
After lunch you’ll work as a team to build an earthen oven, and enjoy sculpting a shape you choose as a group.
During cake and tea, you’ll discuss the days learning, ask any questions and share ideas. Everyone will leave the day with the ability to go away and build their own earthen pizza oven.
Within this basic frame work we can set specific challenges and tasks designed to meet your learning objectives.

Team Work
The day is filled with team work – whole group work, smaller group work and pairs. Everyone plays a vital role in the day and the building of the earthen oven. The course leaders are particularly specialised in encouraging everyone to feel confident participating and ensuring everyone gets the most they can from the day.

Course Leader
Kate Edwards is the course leader and earth building expert.
As well as having extensive knowledge and skills in earth building and other forms of sustainable building, she is also an experienced teacher. She runs tens of earth building courses every year for various groups on everything from how to build a whole house, to how to build an earthen oven.
As a qualified Art Psychotherapist Kate also has extensive experience in facilitating groups and group dynamics
Kate also as a degree in sculpture from Camberwell, London.
Kate has a professional and natural ability to bring the best out of individuals. Her enthusiasm for earth building is infectious and inspiring, and her teaching style is informative, engaging and entertaining.

Past groups include:
Groups from a wide range of industries and sectors find our team building courses beneficial. To date we have run team building days with groups from schools, architectural firms, charities, the media, the building trade, environmental groups and more. It should be stressed that your group does NOT need any previous experience in building or sustainability. The day is relevant and engaging for groups from any type of group or organisation.

The pizza oven workshop works best with between 8 to 15 participants. We can be flexible with this.
The standard day with eight participants costs £200 per head.
Prices can vary though. For example, some additional learning activities may incur an additional fee.

Many groups come to us from all over the UK and even the world. There is excellent and affordable accommodation at the course site at Monkton Wyld Court. Stay in the beautiful old rectory and enjoy an organic breakfast.

How do you book a team building day?
To find out more and to book a team building day in Norfolk or at your site, please contact us.