Cob course content

What the 4 day complete cob building course covers:

The idea behind the 4 day course it that you will leave at the end and be confident and  fully equipped to go away and build your own cob or earth house, garden studio or shed. We will arm you with all the theory and practical skills to make your cob building dream a reality. We believe we are the most comprehensive and inspiring cob course out there – whatever your past experience or future plans we will empower you to build your own cob home or building.

We will teach you the following on our cob house building course:

  • Siting and design of your cob house or studio, including planning applications and planning permissions, building regulation control and passive solar design.
  • All aspects of cob building from the foundations to the roof.
  • A tour of the two storey cob-bale new build at the cob site.
  • A brief history of cob and various other forms of earth building around the world.
  • A full detailed demonstration and examination of how to source your raw materials for building cob i.e. clay, sand and straw.
  • A comprehensive look at the various methods of mixing and preparing cob, including specific mixes for different building techniques.
  • Demonstration and supervised practice of clay plastering and lime rendering, including sourcing and mixing materials.
  • Fitting window and door frames in your cob walls.
  • Different roof designs and techniques for your cob house
  • Sculpting with cob
  • Using strawbales in your cob house – the cob-bale hybrid design
  • How to build a strawbale wall
  • Wattle and daub techniques
  • Information on how to do your foundations and stem wall on a cob house or earthen building.
  • Details on the latest research in earth building.
  • You will work on a current cob structure being built on the site to gain real first-hand experience. This may be a roundhouse, studio or  other building.

The cob workshop will be mainly practical with each participant given individual attention to enable them to feel fully confident and comfortable, building and sculpting with the cob medium. Each day will contain one to two hours of theory, and there will be plenty of practical demonstrations and hands on experience. There will be ample time to ask questions and discuss your own potential cob projects and ideas. The course will be taught by award winning and international cob building expert Kate Edwards.

kate teaching on studio kate teaching cob stairs Kate teaches roofs kate teaches roofs 3 kate teaches roofs 2 kate talks planning permission kate talks designs for cob houses kate talks designs for cob houses 2 Kate spears strawbale kate shows how to cob in glass window pane kate clay plasters strawbales 2 kate clay plasters straw bales


What the 1 day intro to cob building/pizza oven course covers:

  • A brief history of cob and various other forms of earth building from around the world.
  • A tour of our cob and straw bale home
  • Introduction into sourcing raw materials for cob building and methods for mixing cob.
  • How to build a cob/ earthen pizza oven – the base, the earthen oven, and sculpting techniques.
  • Introduction to various building techniques and how to sculpt with cob.
  • How to light and cook in your own pizza oven.
  • We also provide homemade pizzas for lunch from our existing wood fired outdoor cob oven.