Cob house building in Europe and abroad

Many of our course participants come from abroad to attend our cob house building course here in the UK. We have had students come and learn with us how to build their own cob house from the following countries: France, UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and Slovenia.

We are experienced in working with students from other countries to help them understand the regulations in their home countries. We find that many other countries, especially those in Europe, have a much higher proportion of people who self-build their own homes, compared with the UK. This makes our cob and earth house building courses especially appealing to those from abroad. It also means we enjoy a fantastic mix of course participants on our courses who can all learn and share experiences with each other. We also get many UK residents coming on our courses who are planning to retire or emigrate and build their dream cob house.

We have also had participants on our cob house building courses from further afield including: Japan, Bali, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand.

We are experienced in working with people from different cultures and countries to help them design and create their dream cob home.

We are also easy to access with many travel options. We are only a couple of hours train/drive from major London Airports. We also have the local Exeter and Bristol Airports even nearer and and ferry services nearby to France from Weymouth and Poole. We will help you plan your journey from abroad and advise on accommodation. We hope to meet you soon!

How to book on a cob house building course.

To request a booking form or ask for more information about our workshops please use our contact form or call 01297 444275.