Why is mud so powerful?

On our cob building workshops you will be working with the earth, cob, sand and clay to learn how to build your own house, garden studio, pizza oven, tandoor or even pottery, depending on the course you pick.

As well as learning all the practical skills and theory you will also enjoy delicious food and great company making new friends.  However there is another aspect to working with the earth which is a side effect of the courses. Most people can not help but be positively effected by the process of working with the earth. We find children in schools and adults both benefit massively from the therapeutic effects of working with cob.

In case you are interested in such things we have put together a list of reasons which start to explore why working with cob and the earth is so powerful and beneficial to us both mentally and physically – this list is based on our 15 years of experience working with people form all walks of life:

  •  There is no right or wrong way to sculpt with cob – everyone can do it.
  •   Cob is hands-on and practical – you learn through doing which ensures you are in the moment and engaged. .
  • There is a tangible end product you can use to explore your thoughts behind the process and something to be proud of!
  • Cob is flexible – you can easily change and re-work what you have done.
  • Cob encourages you to talk freely about your own feelings and experiences.
  • You can chat without having to make eye contact, whilst focusing on a practical task.
  • It is a grounding experience to build with soil you have dug from the ground yourself.
  • It is outdoors, close to nature and connects you to the natural world.
  • Cob mixing and building requires physical movement and is great exercise.
  • Cob work instinctively encourages team work and cooperation.
  • It’s fun and encourages joking and laughter.
  • It allows you to problem solve and create something new.
  • Cob building is out of the ordinary – it grabs your attention.
  • Cob building is used to create new modern houses –  you are learning a real-life skill as well an enjoying an experience.
  • Cob building allows freedom of expression in a safe and secure environment.
  • Cob is straight-forward to work with and easy to achieve great results with – boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  • Working with the earth has shown to have benefits for the immune system.
  • Working with mud has been proven to boost mental well-being.

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