Wendy Houses

Treat your little ones to an eco permanent cob wendy house

We’re experts in building full size cob houses but we’re also passionate about children and empowering the next generation to learn about sustainable building in a fun way. So it makes perfect sense that we also now build child size cob houses so little ones can enjoy the amazing fun and magic of their own cob wendy house too. We call our small cob houses for little ones, ‘Coblings’.

What makes our cob wendy houses so special?

  • Our cob wendy houses are curvy and truly magical permanent buildings for children to play in. The sculptural qualities of cob mean we can make any shape a reality when it comes to creating an exciting cob wendy house. Many people have likened our cob wendy houses to hobbit houses. If you know a Lord of the Rings fan then this would be perfect for them!
  • Cob is an entirely natural and safe material making it ideal for children.
  • Cob building is the most sustainable form of building there is – so your children will be learning about saving the planet as well as having a great time playing in a cob house.
  • We’re  sculptors as well as builders and so not only will your children have the dream pad to play in, but your garden will also enjoy a work of art standing in it. Kate Edwards will work with you to decide on your own design which will grace your garden perfectly.

How will we build your cob wendy house?

Your cob wendy house will be a permanent and strong building. It should last hundreds of years if looked after properly. It will have a gravel foundation and limecrete footing. We then build a small stone or brick stem wall which we build the cob walls on top of. The roof can be sedum, turf, tiled or thatched. The cob house can be round, square, squiggly, straight. You can have as many windows and doors as you want. The outside is finished with a lime render and the inside has a clay plaster. 

Can the children get involved?

We prefer it if your children get involved with the design – our cob houses are entirely bespoke and we think it makes it much more magical and inspiring if the children are involved from the start. We also offer a cob building session for the children if you wish when building the wendy house. Not everyone wants this but we are more than happy for them to have a go if you’d like.

What are they like inside?

Inside they are lovely and cool in the summer and surprisingly cosy in the winter. We can build cob shelves for you and cob bench seats. We can also carve and create wooden furniture and shelves. The walls can have beautiful stones, shells and objects embedded in them too.

How much do they cost?

They’re permanent, proper, bespoke buildings so the price does reflect this. You can expect your cob wendy house to last for generations. A price example is a 3m diameter roundhouse with 2 windows and wooden door and sedum roof might cost around 10-12k. They can cost more or less though depending on your specifications. If you really want something spectacular we can build a 2 storey wendy house.

How can I find out more?

If you’d like to speak to cob builder and sculptor Kate Edwards about her designing and building a beautiful bespoke cob wendy house for you, then please give her a call on 01493 369952 or get in touch via the contact page.