Extend your home with cob

Cob is a fantastic material to extend any home. It’s affordable, sustainable, and easy to do yourself. Whether you live in a 15th Century Tudor cottage, a brick Victorian terrace or a detached new build, then consider cob for your extension. Cob can work with any existing building.

Cob can be used to create straight lined, contemporary looking structures or curvy more adventurous designs. And it can be finished with a lime render or faced with brick or stone to ensure you are fitting in with the local vernacular.

You don’t need a big garden to build with cob. If you have lots of space of course it will probably make sense to use a small digger to mix the cob. But we have worked in tiny spaces in cities in little back yards and mixed the cob by foot instead.

Come on one of our cob building courses in Lyme Regis, Dorset and we’ll show you how easy it is and how it makes complete sense both aesthetically and practically to extend your home with cob!

Or commission us to build you your dream cob house or cob extension. Our cob buildings have won awards from CPRE and been featured on the TV many times. Give us a call today to discuss ideas or get in touch via our contact form.

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Cob can be mixed by foot - we'll show you on our cob building workshops how to do the 'cob dance'.

Cob can be mixed by foot – we’ll show you on our cob building workshops how to do the ‘cob dance’.