Cob Shed shortlisted for Shed of the Year 2016

Our beautiful cob studio/shed at our cob home has been shortlisted for Channel 4’s Shed of the Year.

Built by over 300 people from around the world who came to learn how to build their own cob house or cob studio with us. The cob studio is finally finished and we are very excited to say it has been shortlisted for Channel 4’s Shed of the Year.

You can vote for the ‘Cob Shed’ in the Eco Category by clicking here.

You can also look forward to seeing the completed cob shed on the television later this year. We’ll keep you posted on when that will be.

The cob studio is made from earth dug on site, on the edge of a remote Norfolk Broad. We mixed sand, clay and straw to make cob to build the walls. We used reclaimed bricks for the stem wall and lime for the footings. The windows and doors are all reclaimed. A stained glass panel in the turf rood allows more light to flood into the cob studio and the sun also lands on the earthen cob floor which acts as a storage heater, helping keep a comfortable and even temperature in the cob house. Kate Edwards now uses the finished cob studio as an inspirational place to contemplate new cob projects and ideas. And Charlotte Eve enjoys composing new material – when she’s not busy building with cob she’s a songwriter too.

Thank you everyone who played a part in making this cob studio a reality. Here are some photos of the finished cob shed. And if you fancy coming to learn to build a cob house or cob shed with us, please check out our courses pages.

See photos of the cob shed here.

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