David Attenborough BBC documentary and green building

Thank goodness the BBC are starting to report the climate catastrophe more – by far the biggest deal any where on the planet. But last night’s documentary with David Attenborough was a one off. It was a powerful start but the BBC need to continue with reporting on this existential crisis. Until our politicians know that we support drastic changes to our lifestyles and infrastructure – they won’t change anything. So the more we become informed the more of us will join movements like Extinction Rebellion and lobby our politicians to stop using any fossil fuels.

Please share the documentary with friends, family and colleagues who might have their heads in the sand on climate change. This documentary is a clear, well reported starting point for anyone wanting to know what is happening to the planet. And with David at the helm, he’s a trusted communicator who universally appeals. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00049b1/climate-change-the-facts

In the meantime we pledge to continue to teach as many people as possible about building with earth and straw. And our key aim for 2019 is to lobby politicians and decision makers about the impact of cement and the construction industry on CO2 emissions and to change planning laws to allow more self-builders to build their own homes from natural materials.

It is a disgrace that just a few massive house building firms making millions in profits each year, monopolising the new housing sector. The government allows them to build swathes of sub-standard homes on green field sites. Houses designed to only last 25 years! Yes this really is true. Houses that might be fairly well insulated but the materials used to build them have produced vast amounts of greenhouse gases in their production and have been transported all over the world. And when these houses start to disintegrate after 25 years and end up in landfill – these materials with stick around polluting our planet for thousands of years.

And if you are a self-builder in England wanting to build with natural materials sourced locally you are prevented from doing so because you can’t afford the price of a building plot and planning won’t allow you to build on anything but building plots. Sure planners let a few mega wealthy people build sustainable homes in green field sites via Paragraph 79 of the NPPF but why on earth is this privilege reserved for the few who can afford the thousands in planning committee meetings and architects?

At one time we nearly all built our own homes. We all used natural materials. And we didn’t produce any CO2 building our homes. It’s time for a housing revolution. And it should begin with self-builders wanting to use natural materials. Enough is enough. Persimmon Homes, Wimpy etc. you know who they are. They have destroyed enough of our planet, made enough billions in profits and made too many small, ugly, unhealthy homes in green fields and flood plains, for people to slave all their lives paying a mortgage for, only to discover once they have paid off their loan that the house is falling apart.

It’s time we stood up to the politicians in cahoots with with big house builders and insisted the self-builder creating natural, healthy, green homes should be helped and encouraged. Profit, self interest and short termism has no place in our world now we know we are on the precipice of the collapse of human civilisation thanks to the global warming our current system has created.

Read our website to learn more about building with earth and straw and see how we did it ourselves. Join us on a natural building course in Lyme Regis in 2019 and take control of your own built environment. www.cobcourses.com

Charlotte Eve, Education Director, Edwards & Eve Cob Building.







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