Do you own an old cob house? We repair, rebuild and offer advice.

We teach hundreds of self builders every year how to build their own new cob homes. But the other part of our work is helping owners of historic cob houses look after their properties. A house made of natural materials like cob needs to breathe, and the proper care of the property requires a very different approach than that used with modern conventional buildings.

We offer advice and consultancy to owners and we also carry out all the renovation work you might require. We also offer a training service where we can teach you at your home to carry out lots of the work yourself if that is a route you would rather go down.

We specialise in repairing historic houses and barns made of cob, rammed earth, wattle and daub, adobe and clay lump. We repair and rebuild walls, fit windows and doors, and specialise in lime renders and lime plastering.

We work across Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and further afield offering:

  • removal of cement render and replacing it with traditional lime render to allow your home to breath.
  • repair and rebuilding of earthen walls – exterior and interior walls
  • applying lime plasters to internal walls.
  • lime washes for exterior and interior walls
  • changing and fitting windows and doors into cob walls and other forms of earth walls.
  • large barn conversion projects
  • small repair works to sections of houses and barns
  • advice and consultancy on properties you own or are thinking of purchasing.
  • we train you as the owner how to cary out some of the work if you would prefer


Kate Edwards has been working as a cob builder and teacher for over 12 years and she has worked on a huge range of historical buildings with her highly trained and talented team. From barns for the Landmark Trust, to a grand cob barn conversion near Exeter, to numerous cob houses needing cement render removed and replaced with lime render, to rescuing collapsing cob walls and rebuilding them, to repairing cob garden walls in East Devon and even lime rendering a new build straw-bale house.

Kate is also a sculptor and this means her work is particularly organic and authentic when recreating the original lime and cob work on your property. Her work is a piece of art you will cherish. We love old houses as much as you do and its the quirky, original, non uniform features which really give them their character. We pride ourselves in being artists and as well as builders.

If you own an historic property in Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall or anywhere in the UK and you are looking for experts to offer lime render or lime plaster; or an experienced team to repair your cob or earth walls; or just after some advice, please call us on 01297 444275.



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