Dorset cob repairs during lockdown

So we have had to postpone all our cob building courses for now during lockdown but Kate has still been able to get muddy thanks to a project she has been working on in Dorset. With no workers to help her due to Kate working alone during the pandemic for safety reasons, it has been really hard work for Kate but she has worked her usual magic!

This cob garden wall in Affpuddle, Dorset had collapsed. The capping had holes in and the endless rain this last winter had seeped into the wall and saturated it. And a cement render had also ensured the water could not escape from the the wall and made the situation worse. And then the wall collapsed much to the horror of the owner! Thank fully they found our details online and Kate Edwards stepped up to the challenge in a jiffy!

Here’s the wall when Kate Edwards got the call for help!

Cob garden wall when the client phoned us!

And here is the beautiful wall now Kate has rebuilt it. She has done a wonderful job! Next stage is replacing new capping to keep it dry and then lime rendering it. The lime render will ensure any moisture in the wall can escape. Kate will be doing this next week.

Cob garden wall water we worked our magic and before we replaced the capping and lime rendered.

Now Kate is a woman who likes to keep busy so whilst she was repairing the cob wall she also turned her earth building talents to the house as well. The house is a beautiful grade II listed Dorset rammed chalk cottage. The walls needed repairing and rammed chalk is a rare and very special historical building method. Kate Edwards has become an expert in working with rammed chalk and was excited to work on this beautiful property too.

The render was first removed form the walls (partially cement and partially lime) and on first inspection the walls looked like they were made of cob. However as Kate chipped away at the walls she discovered a layer of cob had been placed over the walls during a repair job at some point  in the past and underneath the cob she found gorgeous while rammed chalk walls! Kate set to work repairing the walls with a special chalk mix she created and she has restored the rammed chalk walls to their original glory. She then applied a lime render to the walls – so they are now fully repaired and breathable thanks to the correct render being applied.

Now Kate is looking forward to finishing off the cob garden wall, building a pizza oven with a beautiful sculptural stone base for a client in Somerset, lime rendering another house in Dorset and then coming and helping you with your earth building predicament/ project!

If you need Kate to come and repair your cob, rammed earth or rammed chalk house, garden wall or barn then please get in touch and she will discuss your options with you. Please call Kate on 07949 241815 or 01297 444275. Or use the contact form on our website to get in touch.

Rammed chalk wall we repaired in Dorset

Final lime render coat added to the rammed chalk walls

Final lime render coat added to the rammed chalk walls

Final lime render coat added to the rammed chalk walls

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