Fantastic feedback from the cob building workshop

Thank you to Julia for her wonderful email after attending the last 4 day cob house building course with us. If you are thinking about coming to learn about how to build your own sustainable and affordable cob home or studio, then this poem/ account of the course gives you a great idea of what to expect! Here it is :

To all the wonderful Opticob Team!

With a bit of trepidation we gather in the sun, will the course be ok and fellow cobbers fun? We needn’t have worried as Kate bundles in, all smiles and hellos with a massive great grin.  We all introduce our reasons for coming – and as we relax we are more forthcoming.

A-M and Jen are heading to Germany where it’s very expensive to find a small plot. However Jen has her mother who will give them good luck!  I believe another tattoo is a must, the next one perhaps a little cob hut.

Anne-Marie a force of incredible energy – if only she’d been on the England front line, we would have made it to the final this time!

Rob (Optirob) is well on his way to perfection, he’s already on track he just needs clarification.  His cottage nearby sounds incredibly quaint, it can’t be long before it’s ready to paint.

Jaschenka is used to ordering her groups to make a raft to see if it floats.  If only we’d had enough time and some luck, we could have made one to launch near the ducks.

 Tom is at one with nature, his plan is to stop the plastic disaster and incorporate his finds in to cob and plaster.  With his hammock he is looking for a place to stay, oh how he wishes the cows would just move away!

 Jamie has taken copious notes and he’s selling copies for £5 notes! A staunch tea teetotaller or so we thought – when offered a pint of monkton home brew he never even thought to refuse!

Roseanne a figure all calm and serene, we do wish you well in living your dream.

As for Johnny and I, we cant wait to start cobbing in France and UK, and we’ll try not to squabble over the thickness of clay, and hope we’re still talking by the end of the day!

Charlie breezed in every day at one, with heavenly food lovingly done. Your flap jacks were gooey and incredibly yum.

Kate was a wonder of knowledge and fun who has inspired us to create a place in the sun.  We can mix our own clay with a dance and a sway.  We’ve created thick walls which will dry in a day.  The stairway that leads straight up and back down now has a unicorn with a bit of a frown! We were puzzled by Kate’s list of strange cobbing words and are definitely no clearer by what these all meant but here is a list just in case!










Levelation device – about the only one that is self explanatory!

Thank you Kate for a wonderful experience – we will all be bombarding you with photos of our various projects.

Thank you to the wonderful cobbing crew.  It was so lovely to meet you all and I do hope we keep in touch through our various cob projects.

Love and best wishes 



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