Get yourself ready for climate catastrophe – learn to build your own home

So if you have dared to read the latest climate research then you are probably feeling horrified, scared, and asking yourself what should you be doing?

One of the hardest parts I found about properly researching what is happening with climate change is the loneliness I felt afterwards. Most of my friends had no idea about what is actually happening. They were merrily carrying on with life thinking that summers are getting a bit hotter and wetter, and  we ought to use less plastic and thinking about Brexit and booking their next holiday abroad.

The unbareable news is we are almost too late. If the world stopped using fossil fuels today we might scrape through as the human race. However as things stand then it is widely believed human civilisation will be over by 2050. Check out today’s article in The Independent for a bit more on this:

So even with the best case scenario with world leaders coming together next week and ending the use of fossil fuels and planting billions of trees, at the very least we are going to find more extremes of temperature, a shortage of food, mass migration, and we will be forced eventually to live more sustainably.

So what can you do to prepare?

  1. Learn to grow you own food. If you are lucky enough to have some land to grow it on then get growing now. And teach your children. They will need these skills more than any generation the last 2 centuries. Or come together with a group of people to purchase your own piece of land to grow on.

2. Learn to build your own sustainable house. In the past nearly everyone built their own home and used natural materials they could find in the locality.

Learning to build your own home with cob and strawbale for example means you can build your own affordable home whatever happens with the economy and world situation. Cob and bale homes are cool in the heat and warm in extreme winters. They cost a fraction to build of a conventional home and they require almost no heating. Equip yourself with the skills to make sure you can build your own home and then teach your children too. They will need these skills in the future as well.

Food, water and shelter – the 3 essentials for human existence – make sure you’re ready and you have the skills to make sure you and your family are as prepared as possible for the changes coming.Of courser we should continue to lobby, protest and convince our leaders to change the way we do things urgently. However it makes sense to get yourself re skilled with life’s basics – like our ancestors knew how to do – before the industrial revolution and the mass scale fossil fuels began.

So forgive me for being bleak but it’s better we know the situation and we can prepare. Come on a cob course with us and we can promise you a great time empowering yourself in this great time of disempowerment and emergency. It will be fun and you will be doing something practical and positive. We believe we can teach ANYONE how to build their own home using cob. Anyone can do it and we show you how easy and instinctual it is.

Charlotte Eve.


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