Grand Designs cob house

Next week Grand Designs feature Kevin McCabe, a Devon cob builder, build a cob house. It’s great that cob is being featured on Grand Designs – it can only mean more people will learn about it and be given the opportunity to build their own affordable, eco and green home. If you feel inspired after watching Grand Designs next week, then book on one our cob courses for 2014. We do a 4 day complete cob building course and a 1 day introduction to cob building. To book ask for a booking form using our contact page or phone us now on 01493 369952.

We are experts in cob building, cob-bale construction and helping you meet all modern building regulations. If you fancy learning a new skill or you really do want to build your dream cob house then definitely join us on one of our many cob building courses, down by the lake, here in Norfolk.



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