Natural Building workshops in the UK – build your own home in these uncertain times

We have been teaching natural building for nearly 16 years and we’re the leading course providers for cob and cob and straw-bale building in the UK. We have taught thousands of people from around the UK and the world how to build their own sustainable eco homes. We empower you to own your own home thanks to our natural building techniques being so affordable and so easy to do.

With the uncertainty in the world at the moment with climate change, Brexit and politics becoming more polarised, it’s never been so important to have the skills to build your own sustainable home yourself. Getting a mortgage might be impossible for you or even if you can manage a small one then you are at the mercy of interest rates suddenly increasing. And if you purchase a new home from a large house builder you will usually end up with an extremely badly built home, made of polluting unhealthy materials, which has been designed to only last 25 years. (Yes this really is true – many new large housing estates are built to last just 25 years!). The new homes for sale in the UK currently built by big developers are generally an absolute disgrace. No thought has been put into what they are actually like to live in once purchased and no thought goes to the environment. They are simply about short term, massive profits, for the share holders. New homes in the UK are one of our nations greatest ever scandals.

So it makes so much sense to take control of building your own home. And building with cob and bale is so easy to do and cheap it means it really is a solution for everybody. You use the sub-soil from your foundation trench to build your walls so they cost you nothing and they don’t cost the earth. There is no manufacture or transportation of materials in order to build your walls. And you insulate your external walls with straw-bales. You end up with a home that costs very little and is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A feature that is becoming even more important with the extremes of weather we are experiencing due to climate change. It will also be a beautiful and healthy home to live in made entirely of natural materials.

On our workshops we also teach you how to meet all the latest building regulations. Building with cob and straw-bale meets all regulations. We want to show you how you really can leave the course and start building your own natural home. We ensure we make it a reality for you.

So take control of your life in 2019 and empower yourself to build your own natural home with cob and straw-bale. You can’t rely on the government or big industry to solve our housing crisis or climate change. It requires you taking action yourself and building yourself a home far better than any home someone else could build for you.

Come and join us on our cob and straw-bale natural building workshops on the Devon and Dorset border in the UK in 2019. Take control of your future. Get in touch now for a booking form.


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