We’ll build an outdoor cob oven for you

Nothing tastes like a wood fired pizza from an authentic traditional cob oven. If you don’t fancy coming to learn how to build your own wood fired pizza oven on one of our cob courses we’ll come and build one for you. For £2000 we’ll build you a bespoke oven, sculpted to any shape you want and provide a smart wooden roof over the top to keep it dry. We’ll create a wooden base for your oven and a hard wood oven door. We can of course build the base from brick or stone if you prefer and finish the oven with a lime render of any colour – this may affect the cost slightly.

Kate Edwards designs and builds all our ovens herself – she is a talented sculptor as well as cob builder so you can expect a bespoke work of art for your garden as well as a functioning oven.

For a quote and oven ideas please get in touch via our Contact page.

You can cook anything in a cob oven.

It’s not just pizza – our cob ovens are also great for bread, casseroles, fish, meat and even roast potatoes!

Why choose a cob oven instead of a brick outdoor oven?

There are companies offering brick woodfired ovens – we believe a cob oven is a much better option as it costs less, it’s much kinder on the environment as it is made from earth and we can make yours to any shape and specification you want. The thermal mass of cob also means our ovens stay hot for at least 8 hours once fired up. A cob oven cooks the food using 3 types of heat – convection, conduction and radiant – combine that with the wood fired flavour and you have sensational food.