Save on heating bills with a cob house

Most people have turned their heating on by now – we haven’t! It’s yet another reason to build your home from cob and straw bale – you hardly need any heating. Designed the right way, maximising the thermal mass qualities of the cob and the insulative properties for straw, your cob house will be significantly cheaper to heat and run than a conventional build. We talk you through it all in detail on our cob house building workshops. In the meantime, here is the evidence. Below are thermal imaging photos showing heat loss from a conventional new build, built to the latest building standards and then there is the photo taken last winter of our cob house. Both houses were the same temperature inside when the photos were taken. The redder areas show more heatloss. You’ll see the cob house is the clear winner. It does highlight though how the standards for energy efficiency in new builds clearly aren’t good enough. Cob-bale though thankfully exceeds these standards by a long way.thermal imaging - new build thermal imaging cob 2

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