Anglo-Saxon Longhouses

We will help you bring history to life with our inspiring earth building and historical building workshops. Your students will build their very own authentic historical earth buildings in any size you want. They can build an:

Anglo-Saxon Longhouse 

Celtic Roundhouse

Tudor House

The children will help build the entire structure. We specialise in on all forms of historical building and we even thatch buildings for you using traditional materials including reed, straw, sedge and turf.

We have worked in schools for nearly 10 years providing inspiring hands-on workshop for children and young people of all ages. As well as being earth building experts, Kate Edwards is also an Art Psychotherapist and is experienced in working with children with SEN’s.

To find out more about what your school could build with us please contact us.

Here’s a great blog to check out too that the children at West Earlham Junior School wrote during the time they spent building an Anglo-Saxon Longhouse with us.

And here’s an article in the Eastern Daily Press about the project.

anglo saxon house 1 Anglo saxon house 2 Anglo Saxon house 3 Anglo saxon house 4 anglo saxon house 5 anglo saxon house 6