Shed of the Year – rammed earth

Great to see a rammed earth shed on Channel 4’s shed of the year last night. If you want to build your own eco earth shed or garden studio, we can show you how on our 4 day earth building workshop. Learn to build your own  cob shed or studio this summer. Call us on 01493 369952 for a booking form or request one via our ‘contact us’ page.

The programme reported that the rammed earth shed was incredibly time consuming to build – it involved wooden formers, sieving the soil and a cement mixer. None of this is required when cob building. Cob building is easier and quicker and allows for more curvaceous and sculptural buildings.

Cob building requires no formers – you literally sculpt your shed, studio or house free hand. And there’s definitely no sieving – we like all the stones of different sizes.

Watch the rammed earth shed at about 40 minutes in at this link


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