Which would you like to build with cob in 2020?

It’s not just houses you can build with cob. How about an extension on your home? A cob garden studio? A cob school?  A pizza oven? A fireplace?

Cob Extensions.

If you use cob you will easily be able to self-build which will save you lots of money. And the cob itself costs you nothing so there is more saving to be made! AND cob produces zero CO2 in its production so it is the sustainable building material choice in these times of climate emergency. Cob can be used to extend a house made of any materials – brick, stone, modern concrete blocks.

Cob garden studios and offices.

If you want the ultimate beautiful, affordable, healthy space to relax in your garden or to work in then cob is the way forward. It is so easy to build with and so flexible it will allow you to really go to town with the curves and your creativity.


Cob classrooms.

If you are a school then a cob classroom is the healthiest, non toxic, most organic, warm and sustainable building material there is. If  you want to inspire leaning then cob buildings create a relaxing and aesthetic space to collaborate and soak up new information. Cob houses regulate heat and moisture as the building is breathable and made entirely of natural materials. They are wonderful spaces to go to school. If your school is thinking about extending then please consider cob – it could change the whole feel of your school and you will be teaching the next generation the importance of choosing sustainable materials. The children can even help build and design it – now how empowering would that be for them?

year 2 building the cob walls of the cob eco house

Air B&B.

If you are wanting to build a space to let out then choose cob – it will make for the most affordable, sustainable and beautiful option. And it will be unique – ensuring you get more bookings and very happy customers.

Cob outdoor kitchen.

Build a pizza oven, tandoor oven, and kitchen units, seating and table from cob. Go wild!


Cob Staircase.

You will spend thousands getting a wooden staircase made. How about a cob one instead. It will cost you almost nothing and an incredible feature in your home.

Cob fireplace.

Let the curves come out and sculpt your own fireplace with cob – it is cheap, gorgeous and if you use the Romford design we can teach you it will kick out a lot of heat.



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