Earth building techniques

Cob is just one of a number of earth building techniques that exist. We teach cob building on our workshops but we also cover wattle and daub during the course. And we talk you through rammed earth, clay-lump and adobe construction methods. We can also answer your questions on earth bag construction and other new earth building techniques which are gaining in popularity.

We chose to build our house out of cob as we felt is was the superior earth building technique due to the sculptural nature of cob, its load bearing credentials and it is also extremely easy to build with cob. And that’s why we love teaching cob building too – we believe anyone can learn to build with cob. You certainly don’t need any background in construction. In four days we can give you the experience, knowledge and confidence to go away and start building with cob.

Here’s a brief summary of each type of earth building that exists in the UK and around the world:


Wattle and daub:


Rammed Earth:


Earth bags: