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Cob house

Cob garden studios

Kate Edwards is a highly experienced cob and cob-bale builder and is experienced in building regulations regarding earth buildings. She offers a consultancy service to industry professionals and private clients. She can advise on new builds and renovations of old earth buildings. Services available across the UK.

Cob Building Services

Looking to use your garden for extra space? Some private clients decide to build their own cob house or cob garden studio and hire Kate to help them at the planning stage, with building regulations and the more tricky parts of the build. We also run bespoke training days for construction professionals where Kate will tailor the day to your learning objectives. We have had architects, surveyors and self-builders on bespoke days. We can run a workshop on anything from cob walls and roofs, to lime plastering and clay finishes.

Cob Wendy house

Cob Garden Studios & Wendy Houses

We will design and build you your dream cob garden studio or garden office for you. We have built studios for clients including artists and musicians wanting a space to work in to clients who simply want a beautiful, sustainable and naturally built space to relax and socialise in.


Although we're experts in building full size cob houses, we’re also passionate about children and empowering the next generation to learn about sustainable building in a fun way. So it makes perfect sense that we also now build child-size cob houses so little ones can enjoy the amazing fun and magic of their own cob Wendy house too. We call our small cob houses for little ones, ‘Coblings’.

Cob Extensions

Cob is a fantastic material to extend any home. It’s affordable, sustainable, and easy to do yourself. Whether you live in a 15th Century Tudor cottage, a brick Victorian terrace or a detached new build, then consider cob for your extension. Cob can work with any existing building. It can be used to create straight lined, contemporary looking structures or curvy more adventurous designs. And it can be finished with a lime render or faced with brick or stone to ensure you are fitting in with the local vernacular.

Come on one of our cob building courses in Lyme Regis, Dorset and we’ll show you how easy it is and how it makes complete sense both aesthetically and practically to extend your home with cob!

Or commission us to build you your dream cob house or cob extension. Our cob buildings have won awards from CPRE and been featured on the TV many times. Give us a call today to discuss ideas or get in touch via our contact form.

Cob extension
Shed of the year 2016

Shed of the Year 2016 – cob studio

Our beautiful cob studio/shed at our cob home was shortlisted for Channel 4’s Shed of the Year and won the Eco category.
The cob studio is made from earth dug on site, on the edge of a remote Norfolk Broad. We mixed sand, clay and straw to make cob to build the walls. We used reclaimed bricks for the stem wall and lime for the footings. The windows and doors are all reclaimed. A stained glass panel in the turf roof allows more light to flood into the cob studio and the sun also lands on the earthen cob floor which acts as a storage heater, helping keep a comfortable and even temperature in the cob house. Kate Edwards used the finished cob studio as an inspirational place to contemplate new cob projects and ideas. Want to learn how to build your own? Check out our cob courses!

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