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Cob Building School Workshops

Cob building is brilliant team work, empowering and fun, which is an excellent way for children to learn and stay engaged in the activity. Book your school workshop today to learn about the benefits of cob, serving schools throughout the UK.

Children's Cob Workshop

We’ve worked with over 70 schools across the UK, empowering young people to design and build with cob themselves. From 3 to18 year olds, we have facilitated them to build anything from pizza ovens and sculptures to benches and outdoor classrooms. Cob is perfect in schools as is safe, eco, easy, unique, fun, hands-on, outdoors and empowering.

Cob cow with flowers

Our 4 most popular cob building workshops are:

1. Build an Anglo-Saxon longhouse – a 2-week workshop which gives your school a permanent Anglo Saxon house built by the children!

2. A week of cob workshops for up to 100 Children: during the week your school will learn to make cob, build a permanent pizza oven with smart wooden roof, create sculptures, build a wattle and daub den, and the week ends with us showing you how to make and cook the perfect pizzas in your new oven and everyone gets to eat some! We find this longer workshop the most rewarding for schools as more pupils are able to get involved and they gain a great deal in terms of confidence, new skills and team work. If you link this week to a topic on for example buildings, sustainability, Tudor times, cooking... you could gain even more.

3. The taster cob day.

This is for one class of children – we dig with them to source the right materials, we make cob using the cob dance technique and every child makes a sculpture to keep. There is also a presentation on earth building which can be given to the whole school.

4. The 2-day build a pizza oven workshop. The children dig the soil, make the cob, design the oven, and sculpt the pizza oven. We have made over 50 ovens in schools so we can guarantee a fun experience and a fantastic permanent cob oven at the end of workshop. You can use your final oven to cook anything – veg you’ve grown, bread, casseroles, pizzas and more.

Build an Anglo Saxon house in your School

We will help you bring history to life with our inspiring earth building and historical building workshops. Your students will build their very own authentic historical earth buildings in any size you want. They can build a:
Anglo-Saxon Longhouse 
Celtic Roundhouse
Tudor House

The children will help build the entire structure. We specialise in on all forms of historical building and we even thatch buildings for you using traditional materials including reed, straw, sedge and turf.
We have worked in schools for nearly 10 years providing inspiring hands-on workshop for children and young people of all ages. As well as being earth building experts, Kate Edwards is also an Art Psychotherapist and is experienced in working with children with SEN’s.

Children starting to build cob oven
Pizza oven built by school

Pizza ovens

We have worked with students in schools across the UK to build wood-fired cob pizza ovens. The aim is to empower the children to build the clay oven themselves – we are just there to inspire and facilitate. The children love getting very muddy doing the cob dance to make cob from clay, sand and straw. They then sculpt the oven. You are left with a permanent outdoor oven to use all year and at all your big events as well!

Some schools expand the workshop to last 5 days so more children can get involved (up to about 150). As well as building an oven with your students, we also make cob sculptures, a cob den and finish the week by making pizzas with them and cooking them in the finished oven. Children love this 5 days of workshops – it is a really memorable week for them. And if you plan ahead you can link the week to any topic you are teaching. We have linked the workshops to every subject in the curriculum – we can send you this information.

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