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Cob pizza oven course

Interested in a smaller cob project? Our 1-day cob oven course is a perfect introduction to cob! Learn the skills, knowledge and safety around building your own pizza oven. Course available in Lyme Regis.

Do you love the taste of authentic wood fired pizza? Do you fancy building your own pizza oven for almost nothing?

Don’t splash out thousands of quid on a ready made brick oven – go for the more affordable, authentic, beautiful and sustainable option and build one yourself. You can sculpt it and shape it as you want – it will be a work of art for your garden as well as a delicious wood fired oven. You’ll definitely taste the difference and your friends will be seriously impressed you built your own oven.

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How much do the workshops cost?

Cost is £200 per person, including a delicious wood fired pizza lunch and afternoon tea and homemade cake. We believe the food is as important as the workshop so you can look forward to a very tasty day!

What to expect on the pizza oven workshop

Our courses take place in Uplyme, just outside Lyme Regis on the East Devon/ Dorset border. Once you've booked with us, we'll send you details on accommodation in the area. The workshop day starts with coffee and tea sat in the glorious hills just outside Lyme Regis, just a mile from Lyme Bay. After Kate shows you how to light an already existing pizza oven she kicks off with some basic theory about cob and gives you a brief introduction to cob buildings in the UK and globally. Then it's time to start making some cob. You will learn to mix roughly 75% sandy sub-soil with about 25% clay and do the ‘cob dance’. Then we build a sand former for the oven, talk you through how to build your base and then it’s time for the best bit – lunch! After lunch it's back to building, sculpting the oven around the sand dome and decorating. We have a Q&A session over freshly homemade cakes so they'll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get the most out of your experience!

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So far over a thousand people have learnt how to build a cob pizza oven with us. We’ll take you through every stage, and at lunch time we’ll ply you with mouth watering pizza from our existing cob oven. Everyone can do it – you don’t need any previous building experience. We promise to show you just how easy it is to build your own cob oven.


To reserve your place get in touch via our contact form and we’ll send you our booking form along with information on accommodation in the area.


Upcoming courses:

Saturday 2nd September

Course Dates  for 2023

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