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Cob building demo
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About Edwards Cob Building

We've been teaching the benefits of cob building since 2005 and we're very passionate about what we do! We offer cob courses, Wendy houses, extensions and more! We can either construct your build for you or teach you the most beneficial ways to do it yourself. Our services are available to anyone across the UK and courses based in Lyme Regis.

Edwards Cob Building

Creating Cob Constructions For Over 17 Years.

We’re professional cob and cob-bale builders based on the Devon Dorset border just outside Lyme Regis. We’re also experienced teachers. Our main aim at Edwards Cob Building is to empower as many people as possible to build their own affordable and sustainable cob house or other cob structure. We enjoy building projects for other people but we particularly relish sharing our cob building expertise on our cob building workshops – this way many more people around the UK and globally will be free to build their own homes and share their knowledge with others too.

Kate edwards

About Edwards Cob Building

Kate Edwards originally studied sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts and later ran her own interior design and property renovation company in London. She is also a qualified Art Psychotherapist. However in 2005 her path changed direction forever after she attended a cob building course in Ireland. Kate has also always been passionate about environmental issues and so when she discovered  cob, her destiny was decided. She founded Edwards Eco Building in 2005 and began building beautiful cob garden studios and straw bale buildings for clients in the UK. When it comes to talking about cob and eco building Kate is a natural and she has appeared on various television programmes – notably BBC One’s Inside Out and she also appeared as a thatching apprentice on BBC Two’s Mastercrafts.

Building the Edwards Cob-Bale Home

White Cottage, where the story all started, is a stunning example of a cob home and is as close to paradise as you can get. An award winning cob and straw bale eco home, nestled on the edge of the remote and breath-taking Filby Broad. The home’s unique and curvaceous extension was built by our course leader; Kate Edwards and has appeared on a Channel 4 documentary, BBC One and Two. Campaign for Rural England have given the home 2 awards for its unique design and green credentials.

White cottage Norfolk

Abbas Akhavan Collaboration at the Chisenhale Gallery

‘Curtain Call, Variations on a Folly’

During late June and early August 2021, Kate Edwards has been working on a collaboration with the artist Abbas Akhavan as the cob building expert for his installation at the Chisenhale Gallery in East London.  Kate designed the cob construction processes for this cob reconstruction of the colonnade leading to the Palymra Arch in Syria, a 2000-year-old historic monument destroyed by ISIS in 2015. The work explores issues of impermanence, cultural genocide, colonialism and iconoclasm.

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Abbas Akhavan construction.jpg
Abbas Akhavan collaboration at the Chisenhale Gallery.jpg
Abbas Akhavan art.jpg
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